Our Values


Our Values


Be kind, be kind, be kind.
Kindness is the route to acceptance. Acceptance is love. Communities filled with love change the world.

Give a shit.
All great things start with one person giving enough of a shit to do something about it.

Love who you are. Create who you want to be.
We can only be who we want to be when we accept who we are right now. Recognise the person you are today, see the change you want to make and act to make it your reality.

Put in the hours, do the work.
One hour of action is worth more than a lifetime of talk. Every 60 minutes you get a new chance at your hour of action. Take it.

Act with honesty and transparency.
Honesty brings trust. Transparency brings accountability. A community that trusts and is accountable to its members, exists to serve the needs of its members.

Celebrate your achievements.
Your life is filled with achievements, small moments where you win on your own terms. Reflect on them. Appreciate yourself for the hard work, the sacrifice and the self-love it took to put yourself where you are now.

Lead your own change.
You know what’s best for you. You know what you want to see in your life. To change your world all you need is an idea, your commitment and your will power.

Keep fighting back, keep moving forward.
Life is a long game and on the way, you will lose. But if you keep showing up, keep playing and keep fighting, you will win more than you have ever imagined possible.

Unleash the animal.
Define yourself on your own terms then push the boundaries of what you think you’re capable of. When it’s uncomfortable, that’s where the transformation exists. Push those boundaries.

By Tony ONeill