Family ❤️.

This is what matters to me.

This is my younger brother Kenny.

He has always had my back and supported me from a young age.

He witnessed me going through the darkest days of my mental health and it was him that literally came to my aid one night to take me to safety.

He championed me before Animalia was a thing.

He has experienced the same tragedies as me but we’ve got each other’s backs and helped each other through it.

I can’t tell you how good a feeling that is to have that love.

Even during the most challenging days, he’s kept me going, he just believes in what I and Animalia is building to do.

He’s sees the other work, not the fancy cool side.

He loves his tracksuit tops, I’ve been driven to make one to make him proud.

3 years later we are here.

My brother wearing something we have made in our family home, where it all started.

One of our values is family.

I can’t emphasise how important that is.

Thank you bro ❤️

#family #socialenterprise #socialimpact

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