Animalia Apparel is a Sportswear brand aimed to support young people and athletes to Unleash the Animal.
We develop our products to the highest quality that will support our team in their journey and we aim to assist anyone we can along the way.
Through our work as a Sport Development Worker and Doorstep advisor. We recognise the challenges faced by young athletes and young people in local communities.
Our vision is to support young athletes by providing them with kit and guidance during the early stage of their career.
It is key to us to back those young people to fulfil their potential and ensure they are looked after by the pride.
We also believe supporting the young people and community to become more active will be key in tackling various issues in the area. We will align ourselves with the Active Scotland Outcomes Framework.
It is important to us to support mental health initiatives by working with partners in creating events and social media campaigns.

It is about harnessing the power of sport and physical activity to improve resilience in communities and is referred to as sport for change.

Unleash the Animal
 Best Wishes, 
Tony & The Animalia Team