social impact

  • How we give back

    We supported over 60 people through walking, youth work, providing kit that has a Social Value of over £1 million. All done with little resources.
    We supported 35 residents of Govan and North Lanarkshire faced with mental health challenges by:

    • Enabling members in setting up and managing a fitness/health group

    Providing free trips to the outdoors – creating access to positive environments

    • Setting group challenges in hill walking and overall fitness, increasing resilience, instilling sense of achievement and building positive relationships.

    • Sunday talk and walk – encouraging safe and supportive conversations regarding mental health, signposting to local and national support agencies.
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customer testimonials

'Great Brand, an amazing story of a business and its owner. The products are high quality and you know by purchasing their products you are doing your bit by giving back to society too! Get behind this brand!"

Brian Graham

"Quality Tee Shirt, Perfect Sizing , Great Price and a business statement to support the next generation .... What's no' to like?"

Kev H Wyness

"The hoodie I purchased is high quality and extremely comfortable. I would recommend this brand to anyone and suggest they take a look at Animalia’s great range of sportswear. I love that this is local as well and has a social commitment to work within communities to try make them better."

John Aitken

"Quality clothing. So cosy. Would definitely recommend the clothing! Company also raises awareness of mental health and is all inclusive, trying to find ways to help people with disabilities which are areas close to my heart."

Lor Craig

  • Nurturing talent

    We aim to work with young athletes from challenging backgrounds by:

    • Providing affordable sports equipment & gym residence.

    • Support them to lead events and training sessions for people in local communities.

    • Free social media expertise and support.

    • Developing sponsorship opportunities and wider relationships with sports bodies.

    • Reducing socio-economic barriers to a career in sports.
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Help us make a positive impact

  • 10-week programme

    We aim to work with 15 young people and 6 local youth agencies within a 10-week programme through:

    • Pro-actively engaging with young people in disadvantaged areas (on the streets and within youth clubs).

    • Working within youth clubs and local gyms to provide fitness and sport sessions.

    • Improve resilience through development of coping strategies, conflict resolution techniques and self-esteem building exercises.

    • Promote positive community engagement.
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