Support young people in unleashing their potential

We encourage young fighters to push the boundaries of what they think they’re capable of, giving them confidence in themselves and their sport.

Everyone’s welcome here

ANIMALIA is a family. Our door is always open to young fighters, whatever their background, ability or sport. And we celebrate their achievements along the way, however big or small.

Be a fightwear brand with a social heartbeat

We fight for good, helping the young people that need strength, courage and resilience the most through our active community programmes and partnerships.

Create your own path

We don’t follow the herd…and we encourage our fighters not to either. To make a change in your world (or someone else’s) all you need is an idea, grit and willpower.

Proud to be Scottish

Our roots here in Scotland are and always will be a core part of our brand story. We truly care about our local communities and the difference we make here.

Fight better. fight for good.