Meet Tony

'Animalia' is the word that describes all living things. To me that means everything that breathes has blood, has soul, is within animalia. We are all animalia.

My name is Tony O'Neil. I am the founder of Animalia Apparel and Animalia CIC. 

As a young boy I lived for being active, being outside and being free to play. But unfortunately as I grow up I became disengaged and disconnected with the things I loved and I lost people some of the people I cherished the most when they were far too young. That led me down a dark path. 

My mind became a cage as my mental health slipped.

I started feeling connected again when I found a group of people who allowed me to finally be myself, and this led me to realise how many other good people I was actually already surrounded by. My eyes were opened to what had been there all along. Lions have their pride, their family, their pack. My pride were those people who understood me, sought to help others and enjoyed the simple things in life. I am very grateful to have this support, so Animalia is there for those who haven’t been so fortunate. 

Animalia was born to show people what they are capable of. To champion people and groups and to show that we connected and can break free from the many cages we can find ourselves in. 

Fight better. fight for good.