Thank you for the support


Thank you for the support


This year has been something else.

It began with not knowing if we would be able to continue, but we are lions, we kept fighting and came back roaring.

Animalia has evolved over the last year and is becoming a recognised Social Enterprise at last. This was always the vision and the dream from the outset many years ago.

We have Animalia Apparel the brand and Animalia CIC running side by side as brother and sister.

The evolution has taken its time ( no pun intended ;) ) but its been worth the wait as there are clear steps for us to take to achieve our outcomes.

We can safely say the many rejections and heart aches we have faced this year has not only helped us learn but gave us more hunger to succeed.

It has been particularly humbling at the amount of individuals and partners who have joined our pride and many others who want to be part of it.

We are forming an advisory board whom have all different skills and are highly experienced in many different fields.

We have more young people part of the pride who understand the vision and what we are trying to do.

Animalia CIC is for them and for others who simply don't have the same opportunities some of us are lucky to have. I ( Tony ) have already planned my exit strategy to hand over the CIC to the next generation within 5 years and become an non paid board member.

Why I'm I telling you this ?.

Well its simple, without all the support, from purchasing clothing, feedback, likes, shares, talking about Animalia, drawing the logo on a stookie and even putting us on a cake.

This wouldn't be possible.

The hard times, have been incredibly challenging at times but we are lucky we have encouragement from you to keep us going.

We are lucky to have an operational team of absolutely smashing individuals, who have been there to keep Animalia moving and evolving.

3 years in and I wouldn't have dreamed of getting to this stage.

On Monday its the Birthday of my father, he was a very giving man and would incredibly grateful to what you have given to Animalia and to the people involved.

I wish you and your family all the best over the festive period and here is to more Unleashing the Animal in 2020.

Kind regards and keep on roaring

Tony or as my da called me Ants

By Tony ONeill