Social Impact


Social Impact


It has been a bit of a journey over the last 3 years here at Animalia.

We are extremely grateful and proud to have nearly reached the 3 year milestone.

Our vision and goal was always to be a business for good but we didn't really understand how it could be done and what it would involve.

We simply knew we wanted to make a difference in society.

One thing we knew was we had to grow our pride, to create a team and a brand that people will relate and believe in.

We have been very fortunate to partner up and work with many people, organisations and groups.

In the last year we began working on becoming a full fledged social enterprise.

We were fortunate to join the EY Foundation and the Social Investment Scotland programmes, that gave us an insight of the potential and work ahead.

We became a purpose pioneer for the Scotland Can B movement which gave us an insight what impact should look like for us and how we can improve what we do, to reach more people.

We decided to create this infographic just to give our followers and supporters an insight of what we have done and to show what we do.

We are proud of the impact we have made but it is only a fraction of what we believe we can achieve as a team and alongside many amazing people.

The journey continues.

Unleash the Animal 


By Antony O’Neill