Michael McGurk 24 Hour Gym Challenge for Alzheimers Scotland and Beatson Cancer Charity Scotland


Michael McGurk 24 Hour Gym Challenge for Alzheimers Scotland and Beatson Cancer Charity Scotland


Check out Michaels event, who he is raising money for and why he has chosen the specific charities.

We hope you all Unleash the Animal <3

Hi, i'm Michael McGurk I am associated with Elite Fitness Uddingston and we have decided to take on the challenge of a 24 hour gym session to raise money for charities close to our hearts. Chris Liddell is the owner of Elite Fitness Uddingston and will be participating in the challenge along with other trainers and members of elite fitness.

Classes will be ran within the gym for 24 hours (from Friday 2pm- Saturday 2pm)and will be open to the public. Get in touch as soon as possible with myself or Elite Fitness to book your slot. Upon finishing the challenge on the Saturday we will be holding a fun day at the gym where we will be having a Barbeque, celebratory drinks and entertainment for kids.

Firstly, I am aiming to raise money for Alzheimers Scotland having watched 2 grandparents deteriorate and suffer with the mind altering disease. The Alzheimers Scotland organisation was of great support not only to my grandparents but to the whole family. They offered countless services and offered great compassion and support to my entire family from start to finish, without their assistance the situation would have been far worse and so a simple thank you is not enough. I think it is only right to give something back for the charity to enable them to continue supporting others in the same way they helped us.

Secondly, we are raising money for Beatson Cancer Charity Scotland. Chris expressed his wishes to support this particular charity as they were heavily involved in caring for his mother and his close friend. Beatson Cancer helped them both through the illness and aided their recovery whilst also supporting their families through the difficult time and ensuring they had the best level of care possible. Many people will come to rely on the services Beatson Cancer provides to countless patients and their families everyday and so raising money would allow them to maintain the great level of comfort they deliver to people all over the country.

Both charities work relentlessly everyday to support and care for the sufferers and their family and friends and so any donation would be greatly appreciated to help maintain their exceptional level of work, guidance and compassion.

If we surpass the target I will be dying my hair purple for my next boxing bout to raise more awareness.

Also, just to note the total amount raise will be split evenly between both charities.


By Antony O’Neill