Animalia turned 5 this week :)


Animalia turned 5 this week :)


Hello everyone,

Tony here, I hope you are well.  

This week we hit an important milestone, we have made to the 5 year mark.

I am very proud and very grateful to have reached this far.

These moments can be bittersweet as its been 10 years since my dad passed and I would love to be able to tell him thank you for being such a good influence on us. 

He was a gentle big guy who just loved to help others or see others do well.

It was only after he was gone that I learned how much he was involved in youth.  work and helping out in the homeless community. 

He went out his way to ensure my brother and I felt loved despite his challenges in early life and near the end.

This is the last picture I have, we were in the tiniest pub in the world in Montrose at New Year,  he even made me New Years dinner and I was just glad it wasn't burnt.

You may be wondering, Tony why are you telling us this, well its just a reminder to myself of what this is all about and how me move forward for the next 5 years.

Covid, Brexit and life in general has been testing, tragic and total disconnection at times.

Animalia is set up to do what we can to play a role in connecting people back to life and to support others.

I have personally missed connecting with people through Animalia and I look forward to meeting more people face to face and championing others like the Animalia Champion Campaign.

I look forward to sharing more stories about my father, athletes, social enterprises, Animalia champions and people that simply deserve recognition for being a good human.

I am grateful to have done this for 5 years, it has gave me purpose, connection and I have not felt alone.

Heres to Big Jamie x

Thank you for reading, Unleash the Animal, Tony

By Tony ONeill