1 year Sober - Founder Tony O’Neill


1 year Sober - Founder Tony O’Neill

I whole year aff it.

It means a great deal to me and I am grateful I can see joy in my life.

Today my mum called to congratulate me and to say that my papa, uncle P and dad would all be proud.

Alcohol has affected me and my family for years.

My papa was sober for over 25 years and just before he passed away he said ‘ son don’t let drink ruin your life ‘.

That was 11 years ago.

It’s stuck, eventually 😂.

I set up Animalia because I was tired of seeing people in pain, sick and ultimately have their life cut short.

Disconnection in life is a massive threat and affects so many people.

I aimed to create something that could connect people to life.

Connect me back to life.

Find joy in things and be comfortable taking control of our lives, to do the things that truly make us happy.

This is one milestone I’m proud of.

Here is to many more.

#livefree #connection #sobriety
By Tony ONeill