Kids Scotland Rashguard - Pre Sale

Kids Scotland Rashguard - Pre Sale

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Our iconic Scotland Rashguard takes us back to our roots in Glasgow, this is a true heritage piece for the ANIMALIA apparel brand for both Adults and Kids fightwear. It has been worn by Commonwealth Gold Medalist Kimberley Renicks, WBC World Youth Champion and Professional Boxer Michael McGurk and World, Scottish and British K-1 Champion Jamie ' Choirboy ' McGowan.

Using a blend of polyester and spandex to create a soft, lightweight garment, these tops are flexible, durable with naturally antibacterial properties, as well as quick drying and water wicking for a more comfortable workout. These tops have been designed for MMA/Grappling/BJJ, to help prevent mat burns, or other friction injuries, however they are also perfect for many other types of sports and fitness activities.

- ANIMALIA Heritage

- As seen on top athletes

- Designed with mat sports in mind

- Antibacterial properties

- Quick dry

- Water wicking

- Available in YL to YXL


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